Etchevarne Interaction and Usability expert

A little about me

More than 16 years of web experience. Since my career beginnings I've participated in several design disciplines at agencies like, Bridgerconway, WebAr and 451. Today I focus on experience and usability design of big portals and mobile apps in business like news media, insurance companies, banks, tourism and recruiting.

My vision

The web is a ubiquitous platform. As such it brings us the infinite possibilities of business and recreation in the digital age in the most insanely range of devices. As designers we have this high responsibility for developing the best, simple and fast interfaces for the millions of people investing their time using them, because every decision we make has a real and direct impact. I think what drives or should drive every designer is the goal of improving life, by enhancing, simplifying and making more delightful every little aspect of our daily tasks.



02/2015 - Today

As UX Analyst I design strategy, identify key interactions of the product, create prototypes to test concepts and stay current on technology and trends that will impact users. Work with development and product teams to build an intuitive and powerful user interface. Work with product analysts to set requirements and translate them into concepts and elegant interface designs. Work with engineering to develop potential solutions and convey those solutions via storyboard/prototype. Develop and maintain wireframes, mockups, and specifications as needed..

7/2013 - 12/2014

As Production Director, As Production Director, I manage the Buenos Aires office operations, with 50+ employees on all the production areas (design, front end development, programming). We work for companies like, Paypal, VirginMobile, Bimbo, Banamex, BestDay, Renault. My role includes team and project management, recruitment, budgeting, rr.hh. Lead discovery process on large engagements and accurately scope projects, defining project requirements and success metrics. Serve as the main client interface on projects, clarify strategic requirements, explain complex ideas clearly, and manage expectations. Oversee multiple producers and interdisciplinary project teams. Ensure all deliverables are of the highest quality. Solve problems, make decisions, and communicate effectively in difficult situations. Scope large engagement, with development of project plans in MS Project

3/2008 - 07/2013

As General art director, my role consist in building a solid design team (16 members and growing) for the agency, and develop simple and usable interfaces for high traffic websites and apps for business like banks, insurance companies and tourism. My involvement goes from the beginning of every project with information architecture, user experience design, user interface, design and team focus integration. Working for companies like: Mexicana de Aviación, Metlife, Banamex, Bimbo, Paypal, Blockbuster, Renault, GNP, Larousse, DirecTv, ViveMéxico.

12/2006 - 03/2008

As Art director I was responsible for developing high traffic online news media portals with a high focus on user experience. In this boutique agency we had a small but selected designers team. I was responsible for the kickoff of the projects in different parts of latin america, bringing the initial vision and later designing this complex portals with a high balance on user readability and the client's need for advertisement placement. The main focus was trying to develop new ways of displaying high dense information pages with innovative intuitive interfaces.

07/2004 - 11/2006

As a Senior web designer, I had a small team of designer in my charge. I was responsible of the design and developing of promotional and product, html and flash websites. With my high technical side I introduced the agency to the modern table free html and SEO optimised websites.

The Net Men Corp


As a Senior web designer, I was responsible of the design and developing of promotional and product, html and flash websites.

Bridger Conway


As a Senior web designer my role consisted in building a small web design team and developing websites for the real state business.

Neuman Romano Diseño


As a Senior designer my role was designing brochures, memories and balances publications and graphic corporate material for big brand companies



As a web designer in the beginnings of the web in Argentina, I was responsible for designing and coding magazine and news media portals and promotional websites. Collaborating with other agencies like 451 and Bridgerconway in projects like the 2000's redesign.

Inside Group


As a designer I was responsible for the branding, brochure y pop design for several projects.



As a designer I was responsible for the production of adhesive vinyl and plotter graphics.



As a designer I was responsible for the design of magnetic tickets used for public transportation in several countries of latin america.

Shakespear Studio


As assistant of the director, Ronald Shakespear, I was responsible for the documentation archive of every project on the agency.