Book review: Andy Rutledge’s Design Professionalism

Design Professionalism

We all struggle at work, at every level, as employees and as managers. We all have complaints. And web design is not an exception.

I’ve been working on this area for more than 14 years and I know every one of the problems we all have working at agencies. I suffered them at every level. And I must admit, I complained a lot, some times wrongly, some times not.

Web design agencies started to surge as one person companies, and when internet started to grow they had to face the same grow inside the organizations, and for no better role model they take the traditional publicity one with all their flaws.

This leaded to a sum o problems that infested the profession and the ability to make our jobs a we supposed to do.

Andy Rutlege, in his Design Professionalism, put in words a thoughtful analysis of the roots of the situation and offered solutions managing them based on his many years of experience, with a focus on integrity, moral and professionalism.

If you a are a designer or a manager on a digital agency, this is a must read book. It goes deep into every problem you complaint in your career and gives you insights of the origins and solutions you need to circumvent this problems and be a better professional. You will argue with him a lot, but be patience and read all he has to say. Let the ideas macerate for some days and you will find real wisdom and tools you can use to enhance your practice as a professional.

You can like some of his ideas, you will hate some, but you can ignore them.

I assure you, this reading will benefit your company, will benefit your work as a designer, as I can assure you it benefited mine.

What the best of all, he make a website for everybody to read it for free. It’s his contribution in improving our profession, now its time for you to read it an make your own. You can also buy an ebook version, so you can have the best digital reading experience.

Design Professionalism

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