A light at the end of the road

In his talk at the IXDaBa Beer & Design, Andrés Rodriguez, showed us his thesis on a proposal for a standard on integrating Usability on software development process.

It was really interesting session. But the talk afterwards gave us a lot of insight of the real implementation of UX from a software engineering point of view.

He, as a head of a big team, change the hierarchy of the process and took the Ux people at the level of the software architect. Now the Ux team become a consultant for all the other areas and work with the software analysts.

As a designer it was a great surprise to know someone on the other side of the development that gives UX the place it deserves.

I have two quotes that I want to remark:

“…usability decisions always have an impact on the architecture, that´s why we must include it at the beginning of the projects…”

“…after the heuristics, a test with user must show problems, if not, something estrange is happening…”

He shows us that UX is growing and having real impact on many areas, and with it he gave us a little more certainty that there is light at the end of the UX road.

Dinamica del diseño en grandes proyectos – IXDA Bs.As. Beer & Design

Con motivo de los terceros jueves de cada mes de Beer & Design que organiza IXDA fuí invitado a dar una charla sobre la dinámica del diseño en grandes proyectos. Aquí pueden ver las diapositivas proyectadas ese día. Gracias a IXDA por la convocatoria y a todos los presentes por esta oportunidad.

IXDA Beer & Tell – Dinamica del diseno en grandes proyectos