Lion + iOs + iCloud: is all about piracy

Apple, with the latest announcement at the WWDC 2011, make it clear it was all about the software. But that’s just a part of the plan. There where two key things that gives us a hint of what Apple is up to.

The first one was the iTunes match. With the ability to, as they say, “store your entire collection, including music you’ve ripped from CDs or purchased somewhere other than iTunes”. The second one the price of Lion, just $29.99 via the App Store.

Who can argue to the advantage of legalizing all your pirated music for $25/year and with the possibility of syncing it to all your iOs devices?

And what about Lion, its not only $29.99, it is also possible to legally install it to up to 5 computers, as all the software on the App Store. Obviously you have to sign in to the Store, and there you are exposed to the “as simple as IOs” purchase and install system of thousands of applications.

They’re are clearly trying to introduce all the people they can to the simplicity of the iTunes and App Store and keep them there. With this strategy they want to duplicate the success with music on the software industry.

They could go to the hard way, use of the anti piracy abilities at hardware level on the intel chips, but thats is not good marketing for Apple and also user will hate imposed things on their personal computers. The strategy is crystal clear: get the user do what you want by giving them simplicity and a big advantage for doing so.

Now with this ecosystem you have a safe, legal, easy and convenient way to get software to all your devices and with the advantage of buy one, install on 5 machines, and with the Apple guarantee that you can reinstall all at any time from the App Store.

And with music, they want to give music piracy the final stroke by legalizing all your music with the hope that you buy the next album you want from the iTunes Store that already holds all your music.

We have been introduced to the future which we know will come with the internet: one place to know, get, buy and store all our digital assets. Internet is the OS. Internet is the business OS.

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