The sadness of a fan boy

Steve Jobs
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I always watched with astonishment girls screaming, shouting and even crying, in a kind of mass hysteria at their favorite music artist. I couldn’t comprehend how can they be connected in this way with a total estranger from who they only know their songs and what is published about him.

Some time ago, a close friend approaches me with genuine sadness and told me that Carl Sagan had died. We, as young people as we where, maked jokes about his ridiculous overreaction, Sagan was a notable man, but a total estranger for him. We knew he was a real follower, admirer of his ideas and achievements, but still we cannot understand what he was feeling at that moment.

But today it was different for me. Today I understand those girls on a concert, or my friend sadness. Today Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple. As John Grubber wrote:

This is not out of nowhere, it’s not even unexpected. We could all see this was coming — but it is a shock.

A shock indeed.

It is not sadness for the company he created and managed as a CEO. It is not sadness for that company products. I can enjoy using apple devices and software, but I don’t feel sadness for material things. It is sadness for knowing that this man I admire, this estranger guy who has ideas I can feel related to, this person, its as fragile as any other person. It’s sadness because his resignation as apple CEO is the beggining of a long goodbye.

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