The web is 95% reading apps.

On October 2006, Informations Architects wrote a blog entry named “web Design is 95% typography” making an important statement on what web designer should focus on. More than three years has passed and that statement is more important than ever.

So, if 95% of web is typography, the same goes to the interfaces we design for them. All websites are reading applications, you read your bank account statement, your read your friends facebook wall, you read your favorite online newspaper, your read your preferred blog, your read your game portal forum, etc.

The interfaces we design are nothing else than a medium for reading content. With the Wired Magazine for iPad design  buzz , the debate on how a digital magazine should be was open. And the debate is wrongly titled, it should be how digital content should be accessible, manipulable, readable. If we apply all the critics that the wired app received to websites, we face with too many of the same problems.

The majority of websites are crowded with information snippets, ads, different kinds of menus on the same page and little hierarchy optimization. We have serious problems and you can see that on the advent of tools like Readability or Readable, that makes no other thing than optimize content for the screen. They make screen reading comfortable and simple, but this functionality should not be needed. Its our responsibility as web designers to make sure the content comes first, to make online reading a pleasure.

We were designing reading applications for more than a decade now, we learnd a lot of lessons on that time, and we are making the same mistakes over a over again. There should be no need for a magazine o newspaper iPad application, we already have websites, we just need to make them exceptional reading apps.

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