Web designers are obsolete

Web design as a profession has evolved many times in its short history, and we as designers evolved with it. But today if you talk about web design, you can’t talk about a web designer. It was a common notion that we must be like a design swiss victorinox. And anyone that still thinks that, won’t be in the industry for a long time. Web designers are obsolete.

Nowadays if you talk about web design you must include lots of specialized people, like digital marketers, creatives, information architects, usability experts, Ui designers, graphic designers, action scripters, front end developers, programmers, etc. No designer can longer assume that he can design and develop every step of a website or web application on his own.

We, as designers, can’t know it all, but it is important for us to know how all the areas of web development works. I can’t count how many designers only care about the graphic part of the web. Web Design is a heavily technical profession, and like it or not, graphic designers must have some technical knowledge, know how html/css works, what can be developed with Js, jquery, or what is @font-face, how AS3 is programmed, how a database work, what is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, etc, what is a video codec. And more important, stay up to date on your profession.

It’s time to let the specialization grows in web design, you are no longer a graphic designer, you are a UI designer, a marketing designer, an information architect, a front end developer, an experience designer and many more aspects of web design that a graphic designer can be.

Our roll on web design has evolved. Today we have the opportunity to be the nexus hub in web development to enrich users experience and integrate our knowledge to all the web design areas. You can’t no longer be an isolated island and you can’t do it all. if you think so, you’ll be obsolete.

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