You won’t be able to buy an Apple Car

There is a lot being said about the Apple Car. From noises of motors in an unbranded Apple building, to the vans with a lot of sensors on the roof that transit the streets of San Francisco.

It’s been said also that Apple abandoned the project of their own car and that they have focused on self-driving technology. But what use could App have planned for it?

Apple historically put the experience first and technology in service of it. 

So to find out what is the best experience of a self driven car we need to know all the annoyances of not only driving, but owning a car.

Using a car

  • Finding a parking spot
  • Parking the car
  • Remember where you parked the car
  • Finding directions to the destination
  • Driving the car

First obviously it should have a first class spoken interface, in this case will be Siri car. 
It would be run on Apple’s new CarOS.
It will interface too with Siri in your wrist, iPhone, Mac and iPad. It will be integrated with its own Car app that can be automated with Shortcuts.

With its self-driving technology an Apple Car can find a parking spot on its own, so you can get off you at your door and left the car park itself wherever he can. Whenever you need it you just tell Siri to bring back your car to your door again. 

With an integrated ecosystem like Apple’s, this car can know whenever it needed to, for example, it could know when you are ready to leave your home to work and be at your building front door waiting for you. Also it will know where to go without telling it and will take the best and faster route. It can warn you to leave early to be able to get at your I important first hour meeting if traffic conditions are not ideal.

Owning a car

  • Keep the car charged (obviously the future is electric)
  • Keep the car clean
  • Fix any part that broke (eventually always something brakes)
  • Pay for taxes and mechanical checks

What a better way of improving owning a car by not owning a car?
What if Apple Car is a service?
You can subscribe to it as you do with iCloud and Apple Music.
You could have options to use Apple cars on demand as you need them or with a premium plan you will be able to have one ready for you wherever you are. It could have the option to use it without a plan paying with apple pay every time you take a ride.

Building the Apple Car

So the big question here is if Apple will apple build its own car? 

I don’t think they will make a factory and build the cars on their own, maybe they found an automotive company that will be able to manufacture Apple Car, just like they do with the iPhone. Perhaps there is now a chinese company making arrangements with apple to build and distribute Apple branded cars, and maybe, maybe, that is why there is a constant flow of Apple employees traveling form and to China.

Enjoying the ride

What will be the experience inside an Apple Car? 

Maybe we can have some hints just looking at the Apple Stores. It must be confortable. Maybe it can offer wifi connectivity so you don’t use your data plan. You will be able to charge all your devices. It will have plenty of space to put you bag, backpack or portfolio. It will have great noise insulation.

Also maybe in some models you will have a 4 seats facing each other with a table in the middle that can function as an office or can be use to improve family time in a trip with a central music system that can be used with bluetooth on any of the devices that the passenger carry on with themselves. 

I don’t believe that the future of cars have screen walls all over as the main car companies prototypes have, but I do think confort will be the key.


To be successful they must manage the whole chain of the experience. So they probably will start slow. Beginning for commuting vans in San Francisco, probably for their own employees, getting experience on managing a growing fleet and  building its own parking and charging parks for their cars around the city. Then, slowly launch its service on other cities and countries.

When we will see and Apple Car on the street? Probably not soon. As we learn with Apple they don’t launch a product until they are confident that the whole experience is polished and better that any other company could offer.