Post Truth

Inspired by the work of Nanoraptor, I started a twitter account exploring this post-truth age through the imagination of posible apple products and its imaginary story. It's a game of little insider jokes for those in the know, and for those who don't to try to challenge everything they see online.

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During prototyping the Macintosh there was a lot of experimentation with screen sizes and proportions. This is a rare example of a 128k with a circular screen.

In 1996 Canon, Kodak and Apple collaborate on this EOS DCS 1, 6 MP Camera. It only got to prototype stages. The difference from de original DCS 1 were the embedded Newton 2000 and the SCSI port.

In 1985 Apple tried to bring compatibility with MacWorks and Macintosh System Software one step further and developed the Macintosh XXL which included a Macintosh XL (a new version of the Lisa) and the new Macintosh (1984) in one package.

The SiriBook prototype (2017), with its 19:5 screen, is the pinnacle of Apple getting rid of buttons era.

The “Macintosh Classic C” - C for Cinematic - was aimed for a better movie viewing experience.

In 1985, Apple tried to make a low budget Macintosh and introduced the Macintosh Mini. It could be paired with the existing Apple Monitor IIc like in this photo.